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Express yourself with a beautiful smile!

This small and easy to use instrument is designed for people wearing braces – it significantly speeds up the movements of the teeth in the mouth, which helps to reduce the time of treatment! Studies show that 20 minutes of daily ...


Comfort and safety specially for You

Our patients smile even during treatment in the dental chair. It is through inhalation sedation, or anesthesia using nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, that they feel full comfort and safety.   How the laughing gas works The ac...


Clear Aligner transparent splints

We have got good news for all those who would like to have beautiful, straight teeth, but  are discouraged at the prospect of long-term treatment with fixed braces!   Recently, we have been offering our patients the orthodontic t...


We accelerate orthodontic treatment

Straight Wire Low Friction (SWLF) technique is simple and can shorten the time of visits, reduce their number and shorten the duration of the whole treatment. The main advantages of using this method include: Use of these special brack...


Perfect occlusion at a rapid pace

Everyone dreams of beautiful, straight, white teeth, but such a gift of nature is a unique rarity. Many people suffer from crooked or crowded teeth, and it is not only an aesthetic problem. Crowded, rotated teeth are hard to clean, wh...


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